Survey: Facebook Near the Bottom of the Customer-Satisfaction Barrel

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REUTERS/Robert Galbraith

New research shows that, in addition to likes, the social networking giant has secured its share of eye rolls.

Despite approaching half a billion users, the American Customer Satisfaction Index finds that Facebook isn’t necessarily on friendly terms with all of its inhabitants. PC World got its hands on the survey numbers, which have the online fad in the bottom five percent of companies analyzed for their ability to procure user gratification. Facebook stands alongside the usual hair-pulling suspects — airlines, cable companies, and tax-season helpers.

So what are the reasons for the downfall? Privacy, perhaps. Bloomberg News spoke with a sponsor of the ACSI’s survey, Larry Freed, who cites older users as a potential peg behind the lower satisfaction score. While that demographic is growing for the site, it’s a sect that may not be smiling at the company’s frequent security changes and updates.