Man Arrested After Smuggling Endangered Titi Monkeys

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Kevin Schafer/CORBIS

A man was detained in the Mexico City international airport following some serious (wait for it!) monkey business. (Groan.)

Authorities performed a body search on Roberto Sol Cabrera Zavaleta because he was behaving “markedly nervous,” only to find that he was smuggling monkeys.

Yes, monkeys. Eighteen Titi monkeys, to be exact. Cabrera allegedly hid the animals, which are endangered, in pouches attached to a belt underneath his shirt after moving them from his suitcase. Two of the monkeys were dead after traveling from Lima, Peru.

Cabrera told authorities that he put the monkeys under his clothing “so the X-rays wouldn’t hurt them.” He said he bought the animals for $30.

Now the real question is, where was he going?