Bored With a Big Ego? Clone Yourself!

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Attention raging egomaniacs: we’ve located the perfect rainy day activity for you. 

Thanks to a tutorial on the web site Instructables, you can now construct a life size version of yourself using nothing but your computer and some glue

 The tutorial’s creator claims that your ‘paper clone’ will cost you approximately $15-$40, including the ink your printer will use.  Of coarse this is all contingent on how often you hit the gym (if you’re more, well, dimensional, your clone has to be too) and how many times you make a mistake and have to reprint.

Did we mention the clone is 3D and that the website also features potential activities for you and paper you? Now, $15-$40 does not seem like much for an afternoon of entertainment.  But the therapy bills required to sort out your newly developed narcissus complex? That may add up to a bit more.