Facebook Users Duped by Satirical Onion Video

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Has a video called “Martial Law Plans Revealed?” landed on your Facebook home page yet? If so, you now have permission to laugh at whoever takes it seriously. A January 2008 video from The Onion, which produces satirical “news” stories, has a new life on Facebook, where people view it as the truth — and spread the “shocking news” to their friends. (See pictures inside Facebook headquarters.)

YouTube user Truthzonetvcom took the video and re-uploaded it to his account two years ago. It’s unclear how the user didn’t understand the satire, as the original title was “(Classified) Bill Defends Against Flesh-Eating (Classified).” In his description, Truthzonetvcom writes, “Most will condem (sic) me for scaring people. The truth is you have been afraid all your life. But what we’re really afraid of is just how gullible people can be.  (via Reddit)