Own Your Own Piece of Elvis’s Autopsy

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Jeff Albertson/CORBIS

Are you an Elvis superfan? Now you can purchase the surgical tools used in The King’s autopsy.

Auction organizers in Chicago announced the city will host a sale of autopsy instruments ranging from rubber gloves, to forceps, to the hanger used to hold Presley’s burial suit.  The auction will take place on August 12, and the two available sets of instruments are anticipated to sell for close to $8,000.

“It’s really about owning a piece of the celebrity,” says spokeswoman Mary Williams says.  Uh, owning a bit too much of the celebrity if you ask us.  We’re convinced this auction represents a health code violation of some sort.  But this event will be far from the first time large amounts of cash have been dropped in the name of celebrity fan-ship.  Last year it was reported a clump of hair believed to have been cut from Presley’s head was auctioned (not surprisingly by the same auctioneers) for $15,000. (via BBC)