Dead, Stuffed Animal Holds The World’s Strongest Beer

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Image via BrewDog

Scotland’s BrewDog has created a beer that contains 55% alcohol by volume called The End of History. Oh, and did we mention that it comes in a dead animal?

Each bottle of beer comes encased in either a stuffed squirrel, hare or stoat. Seriously! While some of us here at NewsFeed think this is horrifying (uh, that’d be me), others think it’s “AWESOME.” But, what’s definitely not awesome is the price. Imbibing in The End of History will cost you $765. And you thought $44 PBR was bad!

Oh, and why the name? Well as one of the creators of the beer says, “This is the endpoint to the evolution of beer. The end of history; the death of beer.”

Which you can’t really argue with because, where do you even go from here? (via Asylum)