Nature Attacks: Giant, Dead Jellyfish Stings 150 Beachgoers

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ABC News

The jellyfish, after being broken into pieces.

It died and broke into many small pieces, but one massive jellyfish managed to sting more than 150 people at a New Hampshire beach.

The manager of Wallis Sands State Park said the jellyfish was about 50 pounds and the size of a “turkey platter.” Its longest tentacle measured about 13 feet long. Lifeguards spotted it when it was about 100 yards from shore, and it fell into pieces when they tried to drag it to shore using a pitchfork.

The jellyfish caused so many people to complain about itching and burning that the local fire department had to call in backup from five neighboring departments. After all that fuss, lifeguards simply bagged up the jellyfish pieces and tossed the bag into a Dumpster.

This incident comes after several shark attack warnings in the U.S. of late, some in the Northeast and some in California. It certainly doesn’t make us want to head to the beach this weekend.