Obama on The View: How Tough of an Interview Can He Expect?

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REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

President Obama will be joining Joy, Whoopi, Sherri, Elisabeth and Barbara (who recently underwent heart surgery) on the set of The View on Wednesday.

According to a press release, the show, which will be aired Thursday, will mark the first time a sitting president has appeared on a morning show. Obama has appeared on the show before, but it was in 2008 when he was still a senator.

The women of The View span the political ideology spectrum and have been known to clash with guests—and each other—over issues before. So can Obama expect to be in the hotseat? Well, if it’s anything like his last appearance he can look forward to a little bit of joking and a little bit of flirting—Barbara Walters herself told Obama that he was “sexy.”

Then again, a lot has changed since 2008 and as Time’s James Poniewozik pointed out, the women of The View have a knack for conducting “interviews [that] are actually newsworthy.” Check out Tuned In for his perspective on the upcoming show.