Family Matters: Daughter Runs Political Attack Ad Against Father

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AP Photo/Andrew and Jan Schill

John Mantooth is hoping to be elected judge in McClain County, Oklahoma. But first he has to deal with his biggest detractor — his own daughter.

Jan Schill, Mantooth’s daughter, and her husband funded a quarter-page advertisement in their local newspaper that warns, “Do not vote for my dad!” The ad alleges Mantooth is lacking as a father, a grandfather and a lawyer, and links to a website, The site details times when Mantooth has been sued, and one grisly incident involving worm-infested chocolate.

Mantooth responded to the Associated Press, saying their family struggles ought to have remained private.  Schill and Mantooth have never had a close relationship since Mantooth divorced Schill’s mother in 1981. He also suspects more sinister motivations, as he said Schill’s husband was once law partners with Mantooth’s opponent, Greg Dixon. Dixon denies being involved with the advertisement.

In a new post on their site, Schill and her husband seem surprised this ad received so much attention. And after all the drama, they write, “We completely agree with Mr. Mantooth that the voters should look at his experience and record when deciding how to cast their vote for District Judge.” Chances are, their version of his “experience and record” differs from their dad’s.

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