Will Part of Spain Ban Bullfighting?

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Charlie Mahoney/Corbis

In Catalonia, a region of mainland Spain, animal rights activists clash with champions of Spanish heritage as debates rage over petitions to ban bullfighting.

With 180,000 signatures, anti-bullfighting activist group ‘Prou!’ (translated, ‘Enough!’) sent a petition to Parliament.  This past December, parliament voted in favor of taking the group’s petition under consideration.  The final vote is set for this Wednesday and is expected to, again, support consideration of this activist group. (Read more about the culture of cruelty in bullfighting.)

Bullfighting opponents contend that the sport represents needless animal suffering and is reprehensible, with no place in modern culture.  ‘Prou!’ has announced that, if successful in Catalonia, it intends to broaden the scope of its campaign to other regions throughout Spain.

Many however, still stand firmly behind the national symbol, arguing that bullfighting, while an essential part of Spanish heritage and culture, is also a pivotal component of the tourist industry.  In response Silvia Barquero, a spokeswoman for Spain’s small anti-bullfighting party claims, “We understand it’s a tradition but now is the time to rethink such a bloody act.”