This is a Story of Indie Movie Meets Rapper

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Lil Wayne performs during his "I Am Music" Tour

Getty Images

While watching last year’s Joseph Gordon Levitt-Zooey Deschanel vehicle (500) Days of Summer, NewsFeed has to admit our first thought was not, “This movie would be much improved with the addition of Lil Wayne!” However, one of the best things about the Internet is its ability to conjure up awesome things no one asked for. Introducing:  “(500) Days of Weezy.”

The original soundtrack to (500) Days of Summer was marked by its fanatical devotion to checking off every genre on the hipster musical checklist: from modern indie-pop, to first-gen indie rock, to semi-ironic ’80s pop. But in retrospect, it did need more syruped-up rapping, which is why this mashup album from My Sick Uncle — which puts Wayne’s raps over every song on the soundtrack — is so fun!

Highlights include a mix of “Lollipop” and “You Make My Dreams Come True,” “A Milli” with “Here Comes Your Man” and NewsFeed’s personal favorite, “Mrs. Officer” and “Us.” (Any remix that replaces those annoying sirens gets an A+ in our book.)

Lil Wayne was not available for comment, as he is currently serving a (totally BS in NewsFeed’s opinion) year-long jail sentence for having a loaded gun on his tour bus. He is expected to be released in November.