Pint-Sized “Mini Monet” Cashes in at New Exhibition

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Ah, to be seven years old and taking the art world by storm.

Young British artist Kieron Williamson has accrued notoriety from around the world since his debut exhibit last year, drawing comparisons to the early work of Picasso and Monet. This past Friday was his third exhibition, earning the boy a healthy £150,000.

His 33 painting exhibition was located at the Picturecraft Gallery and reportedly sold out in 30 minutes. Buyers from around the world flew in to the Gallery’s Holt, Norfolk, England location to participate in the event.  Gallery owner Adrian Hill told The Daily Mail, “Kieron has probably become one of the most collectible artists currently exhibiting worldwide.  We have never had this level of interest before.”

Astounding considering Kieron had no artistic interest until the age of five.  Hill also adds, “he has grasped aspects of perspective which many young adult artists still cannot understand.” and “he’s just a happy-go-lucky lad who loves painting.”

Easy to say with a bankroll the envy of the playground. (via Digital Journal)