Clone Concerns: Britain Worries About Milk Supply

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REUTERS/Yves Herman

The British Food Safety Agency is currently in the midst of an investigation responding to claims that milk from the offspring of cloned cows has hit the market.

Under FSA guidelines, any product from a cloned animal or its offspring is considered ‘novel foods’.  As such, they require authorization from the FSA in order to be put on sale.  So when a British newspaper quoted an anonymous dairy farmer as saying that products from clones’ offspring were “part of his daily production,” investigation ensued. The FSA says it received no application from, nor gave authorization to this particular dairy farmer.

In response to the events, Peter Stevenson, from anti-clone campaigners Compassion in World Farming, told the Telegraph he was “extremely concerned” and that “the FSA must act quickly to trace this milk and get it withdrawn from shops.” On the flip side, Dairy UK, the industry’s representative in Britain released a statement explaining that no difference was identified in food safety between clones’ offspring and traditionally bred animals.

But as investigations continue, our top concern here at Newsfeed remains: how genetically engineered milk might react with the double stuffed Oreo? (via the Telegraph)