Kanye West’s Tweets Can Win Every New Yorker Caption Contest

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Kanye West’s Twitter is the gift that just keeps giving. 

It was previously supposed that the most perfect entry for every New Yorker cartoon contest was just “Christ, what an a**hole.” However, a new ultimate victor has been discovered: the self-consciously self-aggrandizing tweets of hip hop star Kanye West.

West’s hilariously bizarre musings work as a fine counterpoint to the often-dry captions the cartoon contest normally inspires. NewsFeed offers a hearty congratulation to the team behind the meme, the comedy duo Paul and Storm and the author Josh Kagan.

See the cartoons now at Twitpic’s #kanyenewyorkertweets. And then make your own! It’s easy: We did it, and we’re practically useless. (Thank Kanye for the NSFW language)

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