How to Avoid Car Theft: Buy Small (and Foreign)

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Ted Soqui/Corbis

To anybody about to purchase a new car, take a gander at a new list from The Economist that charts the most stolen cars in America.

According to data compiled by the Highway Data Loss Institute, car thieves have a type, preferring large-sized American made models.  Hardly eco-friendly, especially considering vehicles least likely to be stolen are foreign made, small, and fuel-efficient.

What model tops the list? The (hardly humble) Cadillac Escalade, followed closely thereafter by the Ford F-250 and the Infinity G37. On the other end of the spectrum, the Volvo S80 and the Saturn VUE are some of the least stolen vehicles. (Toyota’s ever-popular Prius charts in the top 10.)

So what’s the takeaway? Buying small (and keeping green) may not be the sexiest pick, but it’s good for the planet and even better for your peace of mind. (via The Economist)