Drama Kings: Men Take Breakups Harder

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Tim Tadder/Corbis

According to a new study, men are more  — that’s right, MORE — affected by romance-related drama than women.

Women: for every romantic comedy, Chris Rock performance, and season of The Bachelor that’s given you a bad relationship rap, celebrate alongside me our redemption!  A sociology professor at Wake Forest University surveyed over 1,000 unmarried young adults between the ages of 18 and 23.  After parsing the data, Robin Simon concluded men are far more likely to be emotionally affected than women of the same age by relationship turmoil.

Why?  Simon provides, “for young men, their romantic partners are often their primary source of intimacy, whereas young women are more likely to have close relationships with family and friends.”

It’s not all good news for the ladies however.  The study also concluded that while men are more emotionally affected by the quality of their relationship, women are more emotionally affected by whether or not they are in a relationship.

There very well may be no hope for any of us. (via the Toronto Sun)