Kanye West’s “Power” Video: Short, Ornate, Confusing

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He called it a “moving painting” on Twitter, and that’s the best description we can give you.

Kanye West premiered his music video for “Power” last night on MTV. A short clip from MTV.com is embedded above, but you can see the full video at West’s official site.

The video itself only lasts for a minute and a half, not spanning the entire song. West is decked out in the amazingly heavy-looking gold chain he sported at the BET Awards, and is the completely-still center of a slow-motion scene. Try to see if he blinks at all. (He doesn’t.) And don’t even try to look for lip synching — this is high art, people.

Symbolism! Mythology! Creepy bright-white eyes! This video has it all. Directed by Marco Brambilla said it visualizes power with West as its symbol, which isn’t too hard to figure out.  But the sheer quantity of imagery in this short clip can be quite a bit to digest. If this is a sign of future Kanye videos, prepared to be confused for a while to come.