Yoko Ono: No Parole for Lennon’s Killer

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REUTERS/Eric Thayer

For the sixth time, Mark David Chapman is up for parole after fatally shooting John Lennon in 1980. And for the sixth time, Yoko Ono has submitted a letter against his parole.

According to AOL News, Ono spoke out against his parole to the Television Critics Association, while promoting a documentary about Lennon’s life in the 1970s. Her lawyer also said she submitted an official letter to the parole board.

Ono said she tries to be practical in her letters, noting the danger to herself, her children and Chapman himself if he is released. So far four letters have been received advising against his parole, and two have been received that advocate his release.

Chapman has served 29 years in a maximum-security prison. He has a job as a prison housekeeper, and remains in solitary confinement due to his notoriety.