Hey, Ease Off the Facebook: Social Media Costing Companies Billions

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Do you have a job?  While at work, how often are you surfing social media sites such as Facebook, or Twitter?  Chances are the answers to those questions are yes, and very.  If so, you could be costing your company quite a bit of cash, reports show. (via Reuters)

UK research group.MyJobGroup.co.uk, (through polling) discovered that 2 million of Britain’s 34 million workforce spent more than one hour on social media sites throughout their workday.  And that 55 percent admit to accessing those same sites.  That time lost (1/8 of the workday) could potentially be costing British industries upwards of 14 billion pounds ($22.16 billion).

While more than half of employees admit to entering the sites as part of their daily dealings, many discount the impact that’s having, as polling also has indicated only 14% admitted reduced productivity in consequence.  Astoundingly, 10% of those polled even claimed a boost in productivity.

When limiting social media access at work is suggested, definite resistance is the result.  Two thirds would not approve of limiting access to social media sites at work.  But Managing Director of Myjobgroup.co.uk, Lee Fayer offers, “Whilst we’re certainly not kill-joys, people spending over an hour per day in work time on the likes of Facebook and Twitter are seriously hampering companies’ efforts to boost productivity, which is more important than ever given the fragile state of our economy.  Companies would do well to monitor use of social networking sites during work hours and ensure that their employees are not abusing their freedom of access to these sites.”

While Fayer makes a point, Newsfeed wonders, how would you feel if Facebook access were denied at your office?