JetBlue’s Steven Slater: Taking Off on Facebook

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The JetBlue flight attendant who Freaked! Out! already has some 13,000 backers on Facebook.

The page, which sprouted up in the aftermath of Slater’s epic tantrum late Monday, includes a fake bio (Interests: Making an Exit!) and posts links to Slater-related content around the Web, including stories, T-shirts, and a call from the New York Times to submit your best rage-induced freak-outs.

But most promising for Slater’s growing brood of e-acolytes? A hint that there will be a fund for the newly-fired (and freshly-charged) former flight attendant. While NewsFeed questions whether there aren’t more worthy causes, the effort shows that Slater’s unique flip-out struck a nerve with frustrated flyers the world over.