New Report: iPhone Users Have More Sex

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Kimberly White/Corbis

As OkTrends says, finally, there’s statistical proof that iPhone users aren’t just getting screwed by Apple.

OkTrends, the blog for the free online dating website OkCupid, collected 552,000 user photos and used them to answer a series of fundamental questions such as: How can I look more attractive in photos? Which brand of camera takes the best photos? What time of day should I snap photos of myself? And, most importantly, which phone should I buy if I want to hook up? (See TIME’s list of the must-have iPhone applications.)

Tucked midway into the post titled, “Don’t Be Ugly By Accident!” (I hate when that happens..), is this gem: “oh, also — iPhone users have more sex.” The accompanying graph shows male iPhone users have had an average of 10 sexual partners by age 30, while BlackBerry users have had 8.1. What’s worse? Those poor losers with Androids have only had 6. The best news may be for female iPhone users who have an average of 12.3 sexual partners by age 30, as compared with 8.8 for BlackBerry users and 6.1 for Android users.

So either the iPhone is the best wingman ever, or iPhone users just get around.

Either way, thank you, Steve Jobs.