Will Pay for an A: Website Lets Students Gamble on Grades

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Is Poetry 101 an easy A? Care to put some money on it?

A new company, Ultrinsic, will let students do just that, according to the Associated Press. College students can register with the site, upload their class schedules and provide access to their school records. Based on a school’s history and what it can find out about the difficulty of their classes, Ultrinsic calculates the odds a student will get a specific grade. Students decide how much to pony up for a wager.

The company started last year at New York University and the University of Pennsylvania, and plans to expand to 36 schools this year. A problem? It could be illegal if classified as “online gambling.” Ultrinsic’s CEO denies that label, since every wager involves a skill and students are betting on themselves.

Will students win big if they study hard? It’s up to them.