“Worst President In History?” A Campaign Ad of PURE INTENSITY

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Ben Quayle, you certainly don’t lack for gravitas. But historical perspective? That could maybe use some work.

In a new campaign spot, Quayle (son of former vice president, Dan) makes the claim that Obama is the “worst president in history.” Not only that — he’s willing to throw down to prove it: “Someone needs to go to Washington and knock the hell out of the place.”

All of this is undermined a bit by the fact that Quayle, running as a Republican in Arizona’s 3rd Congressional district, delivers his pitch much like a supervillain giving his list of demands. (To be fair, the spot’s lighting doesn’t much help allay that comparison.) But still, hyperbolic though the clip may be, it’ll undoubtedly be a campaign win from an attention perspective. Not surprising, considering Quayle’s campaign is listed as a client of the same ad shop that produced the legendary demon sheep advertisement that also struck Internet gold.