‘Cancer’ Patient Grows Pea Plant Inside Lung

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mage by © Mascarucci/Corbis

A man went in to see the doctor believing he had lung cancer, but discovered he had a pea plant growing inside him.

75-year-old Ron Sveden of Massachusetts suffered from fatigue, excessive coughing, and loss of appetite. Sveden, a smoker, got the surprise of his life when a lung biopsy revealed a 1.5-inch pea sprout growing inside his lung. Doctors are unsure how the pea got there, but theorize that while he was eating peas, one went into the wrong pipe and started sprouting, reports ABC News.

Days after the operation, Sveden was back in good health.  As a joke, the hospital staff included peas in his first meal after the operation. “I laughed,” joked Sveden.  “And then I ate them!” Sveden, we’re happy you’re cancer-free, but maybe you should stay away from the peas for a while.

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