Hot for Teacher? What’s Wrong With That?

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Who doesn’t want a hottie at the head of the classroom? No one. But babe-alicious professors beware, The Chronicle of Higher Education is now saying.

Students have been sweating their lecturers since Plato’s Academy. The digital age, however, has elevated undergraduate gossip to online hot lists and message boards on which the nation’s faculty members are rated for their attractiveness, along with their teaching ability, of course. Among the most well-known forums for such debate is on Rate My Professors, and a 2009 online list of the hottest male professors compiled by the website Lemondrop.

With professorial pulchritude finding new ways to occupy dorm debate, the Chronicle has responded with a report, which concludes the following: “Professors who are considered too good-looking can be cast by their peers as lightweights.”

If those are the bylaws of academia, maybe that’s why we never went on for the Ph.D. in the first place?