Tila Tequila Attacked at Annual Gathering of the Juggalos

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RD / Kabik / Retna Digital/Retna Ltd./Corbis

You probably thought that Juggalos (fans of the rap group Insane Clown Posse) were wide-eyed innocents who gazed with childlike wonder upon commonplace phenomena like magnets and rainbows. You were wrong. 

It turns out that the Gathering of the Juggalos is an real thing organized and attended by actual people, and not just an imaginary event made up to inspire SNL parodies. The event, an annual festival held by ICP’s Psychopathic Records, bills itself as a place for juggalos to come together in a fraternity of equals. However, this weekend the festival went from enjoyably déclassé to shamefully violent, when a crowd of juggalos launched rocks and beer bottles at reality star Tila Tequila as she was performing on stage.

Video of the incident shows comedian Tom Green unsuccessfully trying to calm the audience before Tequila finishes the set surrounded by a stable of bodyguards. According to a witness, the crowd then chased her into a trailer, which they rocked back and forth and smashed. The reality star finally escaped in an SUV, which also had its windows broken.

Tequila, who came to fame as a MySpace personality and is currently attempting to launch a rap career, reportedly suffered cuts and bruises from the attack.

In a tweet, Tequila called the violence “disgusting” and promised to sue the organizers of the Gathering. The artist, who was performing on the festival’s first ever “Ladies Night,” also tweeted against violence against women.

Both the crowd and the performer have violence in their pasts. Earlier at this year’s festival, a 49-year-old man allegedly stabbed another man in the stomach. In November 2009, Tequila accused her then-boyfriend, NFL linebacker Shawne Merriman, of assaulting her in a domestic dispute. (The pair settled dueling lawsuits in February.)

A sad day for everyone involved. NewFeed does not think it can in good conscience continue to enjoy the Gathering’s official informercials. We’ll miss you, Sugar Slam. (via CNN)