Meet Bubba the Black Bear, Notorious Lake Tahoe Criminal

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Bubba was not available for a photo.

© Darrell Gulin/CORBIS

The most infamous criminal Lake Tahoe is facing isn’t even human.

It’s Bubba, a black bear weighing in at about 700 pounds. He’s been hanging out near Lake Tahoe, on the border of California and Nevada, living in luxury, subsisting entirely on stolen goods, the Wall Street Journal reports. This stealing machine has broken into more than 50 homes, using them as personal bathrooms and causing more than $70,000 of damage. He has no mercy, either — a few years ago he broke into a church and ate 20 jars of peanut butter that were donated for the poor.

Authorities are hot on Bubba’s trail, even placing a shoot-to-kill order on the furry fugitive, though most bears are tranquilized and moved into the wild. But Bubba is unstoppable — apparently back in 2009, someone tried to kill him and a bullet bounced off his head. Maybe Stephen Colbert is right about the bear’s threat to humans everywhere.