Welcome To Twitter, North Korea

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One of the world’s most technologically tethered countries has embraced Twitter. Can’t wait to hear of Kim Jong-il’s first encounter with the Fail Whale.

North Korean media outlet Uriminzokkiri created a Twitter account last week: @uriminzok, believed to be updated by the North Korean government itself – a surprising development for the a nation that operates under heavy secrecy.

According to PC World, the Uriminzokkiri, meaning “Our Nation” is the closest thing North Korea has to an official, government-run homepage. The inaugural tweet, (in Korean) “The Web site ‘Our Nation’ is on Twitter,”came on Aug. 12th, announcing the country’s dip further into social media. Last month, Uriminzokkiri created a YouTube channel – not bad for a country with one of the most oppressive practices Internet censorship in the world.