Are Bedbugs Taking Over New York City?

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Image by © Nigel Cattlin/Visuals Unlimited/Corbis

In the movies, it’s usually aliens that take over the Big Apple. In reality, it’s tiny, crawly little pests with an adorable name.

New Yorkers have already been dealing with bedbug infestations in their homes for some time. As if that wasn’t gross enough, it now seems like bedbugs are turning up everywhere in NYC: movie theaters, clothing stores, Riker’s Island and the Elle magazine office have all had to deal with the skin-crawling pests. Even a Victoria’s Secret was temporarily closed for bedbug extermination (don’t even get us started on how gross that is).

For a sense of just how much these pesky infestations have increased, here are the numbers: in 2004, only 500 infestation complaints were made in New York. And in 2009? 10, 000!

Don’t live in New York? Don’t assume you’re safe. Ohio has also been battling infestations in epic proportions as well. Gross!