Why are Bears Guarding a Marijuana Crop?

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Keith Douglas/All Canada Photos/Corbis

In a British Columbia drug bust, cops raided a home and walked right into a bear trap. Literally.

Officers were surprised to discover what seemed like a group of bears guarding the crops. During the raid the Royal Canadian Mounted Police confiscated more than $CAD 1 million worth of marijuana plants.

“As the members are conducting the search of the house, at one point in time the (home owner) has to shoo a bear out of the residence and out of the way, coming out of the basement,” said Cprl Dan Moskaluk. “The owner tried to assure, ‘Don’t worry, they won’t become aggressive towards you, just don’t approach them and things will be fine. Certainly it’s a little bit of an odd situation to be in.” (See pictures of cannabis culture.)

Also found on the premises were a frantic, pot-bellied pig and a raccoon.

It might end up being a sad ending for the bears.  Dozens of bears are put down every year in British Columbia if they are deemed too habituated. The property’s two owners were arrested on charges of production and possession of illegal substances.  They also face animal cruelty charges. (via Toronto Star)