The Gap Coupon: GroupOn Goes Corporate

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Gail Mooney/CORBIS

America likes deals. And cheap clothes. So when the Gap offered $50 worth of clothing for $25 everyone bought! — and crashed GroupOn’s website.

Social buying on GroupOn is huge. So huge, in fact, that they have a whole host of imitators that offer daily deals to cash-strapped consumers.

The Chicago-based company, which began by offering coupons to small businesses, stores and restaurants, went corporate just today. The deal, while awesome (c’mon $25 free dollars of clothing?!), is one of (if not the) first time GroupOn has gone corporate. It’s also one of precious few times they have featured clothes.

I, for one, am excited about this new direction — and all the cheap loot that could come my way — but once you go big it’s hard to go back. All those quaint little mom and pop deals are going to look measly when compared to the big guys.