Harold Dow’s Cause of Death: Asthma Behind the Wheel

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Jim Spellman / Getty Images

As the CBS News community continues to mourn the loss of one of its strongest news faces, greater clarity is emerging regarding the cause of his death.

Veteran 48 Hours correspondent Harold Dow died on Saturday morning at the age of 62. An early AP report noted that it wasn’t clear whether the five-time Emmy winner had been at home at the time of his sudden death.

But late last night, Dow’s family released a statement linking his death to an asthma attack behind the wheel. The CBS News report reveals that, according to the Hackensack Police department, an inhaler was found on the floor of Dow’s car. Also within that family statement was word that Dow had been suffering from severe asthmatic symptoms before the fatal moment, which prompted him to check into a New Jersey hospital last Monday for emergency treatment.

For a full appreciation, head to the network where Dow made his journalistic magic happen: CBS News.