North Korea is Not Gay … Or On Facebook

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On Friday, North Korea’s recently created Facebook account had 65 friends and its profile said the country was interested in men. (A North Korean official says “there is plenty of misinformation, speculation and sensationalism regarding the reality of North Korea.” Yes, apparently so.)

But before the Communist country could consider changing its red, white and blue flag into an apparently more suitable rainbow pattern, the social networking site removed the country’s account for violating its terms of use, most likely because countries that are under official embargo by the United States are restricted from engaging in commercial activities on Facebook. Replacement Facebook accounts popped up immediately, but even those have been taken offline.

Now, with all the international press North Korea has garnered because of its forays into online networking, the North Korean government is denying all involvement in its Facebook, YouTube and Twitter accounts, saying they are run by government supporters outside the country. The United States, however, will just have to continue waiting on a genuine friend request.