Angry Birds: Will the Game Become a Movie?

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It’s the breakout mobile-gaming smash. And now it may be coming to a big screen near you.

Angry Birds, the .99 cent iPhone/iPod game that lives perpetually at the top of the most-downloaded charts, may be optioned for a feature film. A report in Variety quotes the game’s makers, a Finnish company called Rovio, as saying they’ve been in discussions with Hollywood execs about creating a film around the game.

The game, which has been downloaded some 6.5 million times, features a cadre of colorful birds, flinging themselves into battle against a group of fat green pigs. Unlikely film fodder, but Rovio has already created a few animated Internet shorts that bring the game to life. (As Variety points out, YouTube users have viewed the one posted above some 5.6 million times).

But the biggest challenge to commercial success may be speed. Angry Birds is hot now, but will users fond bird-flinging memories still be strong enough if the film adaptation takes years to produce? “The challenge is to make sure the brand is relevant when the movie comes out,” Mikael Hed, CEO of Rovio, told Variety.