Car Left in Parking Lot Takes a Mysterious 724-mile Ride

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A couple returned to New York from a trip to California and discovered that their car—which had been parked in the long-term lot near JFK airport—had 724 extra miles on the odometer. Which raises the question—what exactly does your car do in long-term car parks?

Since the vehicle was also playing a CD at full volume when the couple, Mimi and Ulrich Gunthart, started it, the logical explanation is that someone borrowed the car for a joyride/road trip (724 miles is roughly the distance from New York City to Pittsburgh and back).

But the manager for the parking lot said that a look over the inventory logs revealed nothing unusual and that they’ve never had complaints in the past. Sure, it’s feasible that the car was actually broken into and then returned, but we prefer to think of the alternate scenario: Transformers actually do exist.  (via the Associated Press)