Decided: Rita Wilson Had The Worst Emmy Dress

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Jason Merritt / Getty Images

I’m not entirely sure how all the Emmy red carpet coverage wound up flooding my television screen Sunday night, but after surveying all the photos from the party, it’s official: Rita Wilson had the worst get-up. (via St. Lous Post-Dispatch)

Now I know that many pundits were pointing the finger at January Jones, for her less-than-inspired perma-hoop, and at Lauren Graham for her bizarre, Oreo-riffic, black-and-white number. And yes, the dresses were unseamly and unsettling.

But just for a moment, bask in the true awfulness above that is Rita Wilson’s droopy, frilly, shapeless creation. Not only does the whole thing fall flat and blobby, lacking any sense of lines or construction, but the shoes are a frilly, amorphous mess. This seems to be the kind of dress worn by someone trying to hide something, which is the oddest thing about it. Wilson is a gorgeous woman, not some sort of over-the-age go-go dancer.

So sure, give Jones and Graham and Tina Fey a hard time for their debacles. But at least give them credit for not pulling a full Rita Wilson. Geesh.