Did You Get Sick from Recalled Eggs? It’s Your Fault

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Ned Frisk Photography/Corbis

After a massive recall due to salmonella, the egg industry has chosen its PR strategy — it’s blaming its own customers.

USA Today reports that reps for the egg industry say those sickened by the eggs simply didn’t cook them properly. The properly-cooked egg, they say, has a yolk that is not runny. Think of a runny egg as a steak tartare dish, where the meat is served raw.

Naturally, food-safety advocates aren’t taking that advice sitting down. “The problem isn’t how consumers are preparing the food,” Nancy Donley, board president of consumer group Safe Tables Our Priority. “The problem is that the food is contaminated.”

Really want to keep safe? Try pasteurized, or liquid, eggs, which are heated to kill bacteria. They’ll do the trick when baking, but they certainly can’t beat dipping toast in runny egg yolk. (USA Today via Fark)