Beck Starts News Site, Reports New Beck News Site

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In case you weren’t getting enough Glenn Beck from his program on Fox News, his political thrillers, his radio show, his university, or his Bold Fresh Tour, Beck-approved news has arrived.

The conservative commentator officially launched The Blaze yesterday, which pledges to include original reporting, opinions and the occasional history lesson. It’s edited by Scott Baker, who previously worked for conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart (the guy who started the Shirley Sherrod fiasco).

So what’s news today in Beck’s world? In a word, Beck himself.

While the site includes pieces on the Islamic Center near Ground Zero, the review of the U.N. Climate Change group and bedbugs, many of the stories deal with last weekend’s Restoring Honor rally on the Washington Mall (organized by … Beck) and even a bizarre HuffPo article offering $100,000 for anything, including sex tapes, that would destroy Beck publicly.

Think of the new site as DrudgePo – an amalgam of Matt Drudge-style content in a Huffington Post format. Or maybe, Beckfeed.