Juror Tip: Don’t Announce the Verdict on Facebook

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Facebook's Logo on a computer screen in Brussels

REUTERS/Thierry Roge

One more online no-no: don’t turn your status into the climax of an episode of the People’s Court.

In its history of pacing people’s daily interactions, social networking has demonstrated its pluses and pitfalls. One Detroit-area juror is in the midst of the latter end of that communication spectrum.

The AP reports that on Aug. 11, 20-year-old Hadley Jons had a day off from serving jury duty. With the prosecution yet to finish its resisting arrest case, Jons jumped onto her Facebook page and wrote “gonna be fun to tell the defendant they’re guilty” as her status. (See how to delete your Facebook profile)

The next morning, Jons was no longer a juror. Her entry was discovered by defense attorney Saleema Sheikh’s son, Jaxon Goodman, during a quick search at his mother’s law office. Upon learning of Jons’ gaffe, circuit judge Diane Druzinski canned her from the trial.

Jons is returning to the Macomb County circuit court Thursday — this time to defend herself against alleged charges of contempt of court. As of Monday afternoon, she did not return the AP’s request for comment. But when it comes to the “what’s on your mind?” of Jons’ profile, fun is likely no longer making the cut. (See photos inside Facebook’s headquarters.)