Meet Mahesh, the Incredible Jumping Tiger

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Visitors to Miami’s Jungle Island Zoo got a nasty shock this weekend when 700 pound Bengal tiger Mahesh managed to jump over the 12-foot fence of his enclosure. Once the tiger landed on the other side he reportedly walked calmly around the area as frantic spectators scrambled to get away from him. One woman claims the tiger got within 10 feet of her 2-year-old daughter.

The cause of Mahesh’s extraordinary action was supposedly the escape of Watson, the white-handed gibbon monkey, who excited the tiger so much he attempted to run after the primate. Florida Fish and Wildlife officials have said they expect human error is to blame for the incident as, even if the tiger’s escape was a freak accident, the monkey’s escape was not. The zoo is expected to face hundreds of dollars in fines. (MSNBC, video via CNN)