Roger Federer Pulled Off Another Between-the-Legs Shot

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AFP/Getty Images

OK, it’s called a “tweener,” but NewsFeed was terrified of people misreading the headline “Roger Federer Hits A Tweener.”

NewsFeed doesn’t know what to think about Roger Federer. After he lost at the French Open, we shot down premature reports that the Federer Era was at a close. Weeks later, after he was knocked out at Wimbledon, we changed our minds, officially pronouncing him “fading.” One amazing shot — during last night’s commanding three-set win over Brian Dabul in the U.S. Open, er, opener — isn’t enough to make us change our minds. Yet. But if he does something crazy, like hit a miraculous diving match point or express an emotion, we might be convinced to turn our opinions around again. (via Buzzfeed)