The Great Snooki Purse Prank: Designers Send Star Competitor’s Bags

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REUTERS/Tim Shaffer


Like many celebrities, you’d imagine Jersey Shore‘s tiny star gets a lot of free swag. And the New York Observer confirms that little Snookers does indeed get designer handbags sent to her, free of charge. But what might seem like a complete score is actually a pretty blatant slap in the face.

You see, according to the Observer, designers aren’t sending Snooki their own items for her to sport on the red carpet–they’re sending their competitor’s designs!

Are designers embarrassed to have their designs flaunted by the flamboyant reality star? Are they ashamed to be associated with the self-proclaimed guidette?

Um, yeah, it would seem that they are. But before you feel totally sorry for Snooki, just remember: she still gets loads of free stuff.  (via the Observer)