Urgent American Poll: A Big ‘No’ to Heroin, Ghosts, Tanning Taxes – And Sarah Palin

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There are more Americans who believe ghosts actually exist than there are people who think Sarah Palin would be an effective president. 

The latest 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll, which surveyed 847 adults by telephone nationwide earlier this month, tracks Americans thoughts on a variety of topics from Afghanistan and illegal drugs to Mel Gibson and sexual harassment at work.

Some highlights:

— 33% of people think ghosts are likely to actually exist; while another 30% voted for the existence of U.F.O.’s. A smaller percentage of folks think vampires, the Loch Ness monster and Bigfoot could exist. Sadly, King Kong and Godzilla did not make the list.

— Nearly 90% of Americans would not try LSD, ecstasy, heroin, crystal meth or crack one time — even if  there was no possibility of harmful physical consequences, criminal charges or addiction.

— 11% of people who experienced sexual harassment at work did not report it. But, thankfully, 82% of Americans say they have never experienced sexual harassment at work.

— 40% of Republicans think Sarah Palin would not be an effective president.

— “Like” wins the most votes for the most overused word in the English language; runners-up include “awesome,” “tweet,” “organic” and “hope.” Somehow, “um” did not make the list of contenders.

— And finally, in support of Snooki, 46% of Americans do not want to tax tanning beds.

You can answer the questions for yourself here.