Holy Gizmo: Novia Scotia Church Will Bless Your BlackBerry

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Bless me Father, for I have unlimited talk and text.

Need your BlackBerry blessed? What about your iPhone? There’s a prayer for that. Rev. Lisa Vaughan of St. Timothy’s Anglican Church in Hatchet Lake, Nova Scotia plans to hold the gadget blessing this Sunday at the church during a special ceremony. “I think they traditionally used to call it Plough Monday, where people used to bring their farming equipment and tools to the church to be blessed,” Vaughan told Canadian newspaper The Record. “Most of us live with our cellphones and laptops and BlackBerrys and all that kind of stuff. I mean, those are just daily tools for us.”

So how exactly does one bless a cell phone? Vaughn says she’ll ask for attendees to come forward with their gadgets in a darkened sanctuary and pray that people are patient and kind in communications with each other, and “that it’s productive, that it’s life-giving, that it’s supportive to the community as a whole.”

But sorry, there’s no texting allowed during this gadget-friendly service. Devices must be turned off before they’re blessed.