Old Media Goes Viral: Watch People Buy Books Around the Globe – In Real-Time!

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It’s kind of like crack except, you know, it’s people buying books.

The Book Depository Live is an insanely awesome and addicting site that shows what books people are buying in the world in any given moment. It’s strangely hypnotic to see what people are buying and calls to attention many books that we might not have otherwise known about.

In addition to Stephen Hawking’s new book, The Grand Design, which seems to be a hit in the world today, here are some other books people are buying right now.

— Someone in Latvia bought “Brave New World.”

— Someone in Australia bought “X-Treme Latin (people are still learning Latin?!). Another Aussie bought “The Essential Guide to Motorcycle Maintenance”

— Someone in Ireland bought “Effective Handgun Defense.” (Worrisome?)

Two takeaways: (1) Yay! In the age of e-readers and iPads, people are still buying real, tangible, paper-filled books. And, (2) Does no one pay for shipping anymore? #Needtofindanewplacetobuybooksonline #Iwantfreeshipping!