Ailing Honeymoon Town Markets to Men Obsessed With Virtual Women

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A former honeymoon hotspot in Atami, Japan has found a way to bump its ailing economy by inviting virtual guests.

The town is actively targeting single men who play the Japanese dating-simulating game, Love Plus+.

Love Plus+, a game that users play on a Dintendo DS, lets players have a virtual girlfriend who they have to shower with love and attention. Be prepared to get the silent treatment if you forget a birthday or a special occasion.

Shops, restaurants, and hotels are going to great lengths to indulge virtual ‘couples.’ ┬áSingle male guests can check into hotels as couples, sometimes being charged a higher rate for their virtual guest. Restaurants and shop owners sell special menus and Love Plus+ fish cakes with virtual girlfriends imprinted on them.

The Love Plus+ promotional campaign is a success and attracted more than 1500 men and their virtual girlfriends to Atami.

We here at Newsfeed are left wondering — if a tourist brings two LovePlus+ girlfriends, does it really count as cheating? (via WSJ).