Chilean Miners Protest Against Imposed Restrictions

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Lights, camera, action.

After 33 days trapped underground at the San José gold and copper mine, the Chilean miners are starting to rebel against government-imposed restrictions, their family members revealed.

Luis Urzula, leader of the trapped men, told rescue officials that omitting and censoring letters from loved ones, offering limited information about the rescue effort and the refusing to supply wine and cigarettes has driven a surge of retaliation and independence.

In recent days the men trapped in the collapsed mine shaft have refused a delivery of peaches and are ignoring safety regulations by continuing to recklessly drive vehicles around the mine tunnels. (See photos of rescuers maintaining contact with the Chilean miners)

In attempts to stabilize the anxiety of both the miners and their relatives, authorities have reiterated that only letters with positive messages will be delivered. Letters which oppose this guideline will be retained in coherence with the psychological well being of the Chilean workers. Rescue officials are also coordinating a log for both the sending and receiving of letters.

The impact of depression, conflict and prolonged exposure to darkness are all central to the concerns of the rescue strategy.  Officials who have visited the site are confident that the miners current rebellious attitude is not unusual.

At a ceremony to mark one month since the mineshaft collapsed, relatives planted a flag in the ground for each miner in anticipation of their safe return. For now the waiting game continues. (via Guardian)

-Claire McCormack