Google’s “Balls” Homepage Logo: What Does It Mean?

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Apparently Google’s graphic designers spent Labor Day weekend on the job because the search giant rolled out a funky new homepage logo today that’s (wait for it) pretty baller.

Visitors to today are greeted with a swarm of moving, brightly colored circles. In time, the circles converge and form a dotted version of the familiar Google logo. Unless, of course, you mouse over the logo again, at which point the circles expand back out. (See the story behind 10 Google Doodles.)

What gives? For once, no one is quite sure. The best guess is that the special logo is a celebration of Google’s 12th anniversary, as the company was officially incorporated on Sept. 7, 1998. But unlike other Google logos, this one isn’t clickable for further context. We’ve reached out to Google PR for an explanation and will update you if we hear back. (via PC World)