iTunes Beware: ‘Google Music’ Coming Soon

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The powerhouse search company will reportedly be launching a music service in time for the holidays this year. So, what does this mean for iTunes?

It seems that Google’s VP Engineering, Andy Rubin, is in serious talks with record labels and wants to launch “Google Music” in time for the Christmas holidays. Mashable reports that the company will likely start off with a music download service and then add an online subscription service next year.

“Ultimately,” Mashable’s Jolie O’dell writes, “’Google Music’ would be a cloud-based subscription service with the ability to stream directly to Android mobile devices.”

Should iTunes be worried? Maybe. These rumors have been circulating for a while now, and the possibilities of cloud-based subscription service are enticing.  And most importantly, if any company has the ability to take on iTunes, it’s Google.

The tricky part for Google, however, will be launching something that’s a viable alternative to iTunes from the get-go. Doug Aamoth at Techland notes that, “if Google is serious about legitimately competing with iTunes, it really needs to make sure that the service is polished and consumer-friendly right from the start. No beta tags, no incremental upgrades, no confusing legal restrictions–just a thoughtful user interface, plenty of hardware playback options, and competitive pricing.”

For more on Doug Aamoth’s take on Google’s move into the music world, check out Techland.