Rumors of Fabergé Spider Brooch ‘Untrue’

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Fabergé Giant Magnolia Ring

Courtesy Fabergé

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but if Internet buzz is any indicator, she’d prefer to hang with bejeweled arachnids.

In recent days bloggers and jewelry fiends have been spinning tales that Fabergé, the iconic jewelery house behind the imperial Easter egg, would soon release a brooch shaped like a spider. One site claimed it would be covered in “hundreds of thousands of little gems,” while another speculated that Fabergé’s collection would expand to include bracelets and rings with a “spellbinding spider web design.” By 7am this morning, Google listed “Fabergé spider” as its third most popular search term and more than 25,000 web sites referenced the phrase.

Alas: anyone interested in the creepy crawler accessory will have to turn elsewhere. In an e-mail sent to NewsFeed, Fabergé spokeswoman Tatiana Zherebkina described the spate of reports as “untrue and unfounded.” What’s more, she pointed out that eight-legged brooches do not fit into the luxury jeweler’s creative vision.

“The new pieces follow the framework of the three themes within the collection – Les Fleurs de Fabergé inspired by famous Fabergé flower studies, Les Fable de Fabergé inspired by Russian fairy tales and Les Fauves de Fabergé inspired by the Fauvism and Russian artistic aesthetics at the turn of the century,” Zherebkina wrote.

The House of Fabergé has experienced crises far worse than misguided Internet reports. In 1917, Bolsheviks seized and ransacked Peter Carl Fabergé’s workshops, and he fled to Switzerland where he died three years later. Last September, Fabergé’s descendants relaunched the firm after a 92-year wait, debuting a collection of 100 pieces ranging in price from $40,000 to $7 million.

(You can read TIME’s article on Fabergé’s spectacular return here.)